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Marsha held still as I lightly kissed her large thick upper lip, tracing it with my mouth from one side to the other, very lightly drawing that thick beautiful lip into my thinner, smaller mouth, and letting it travel along her upper mouth. Although dinner is always nice, the after dinner celebration is always a little disappointing and usually consists of us all just mingling and talking with some piped-in music in the background as the company owners are fairly old and past their partying prime. I did the same with her, loving the feel of her strong yet feminine back beneath my searching, moving fingers. My mouth was completely held between the soft slightly moist warmth of her larger fuller lips. When I reached her knee, I switched again, using my tongue this time as I moved back up the warm flesh, loving the taste and softness of her ebony skin. My heart began to beat faster and with a little whimper, I stuck my tongue into her wet pussy and felt it surrounded by her tight pulsing sphincter muscle. I have long legs, narrower hips, and a small tight ass that my husband just loves to grip when making love.

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I work for a small company with about a hundred employees spread across the country, and every December they fly us all to our corporate offices in California for an annual staff meeting and Christmas party.

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It was dark as we left and began the walk to my hotel. It seemed as though neither was leading, neither was following, but we were just moving as one. I licked the full length of her long jet black neck with my tongue, up and down, tasting her fully, preparing for what was to come, and then I opened my mouth fully to take as much of her dark neck into my mouth as possible and I hungrily licked and sucked at her chocolate skin and neck muscles until she broke away with a squeal. She could be still no longer as her moan increased and I then felt her full mouth start to move into a soft full partially spread lip pucker and then completely engulf my smaller mouth. We seemed to bond with these other partiers as we talked about work, being away from home, and just having a good time.

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