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Jun 03, Miakoda books friends. Stephanie Perkins Goodreads Author. Onyx Lux, 2 by Jennifer L. Petra Mayer, who reviewed the novel for NPRsaid, "Yes, this is a YA-dystopia-love-triangle story, but how unusual to see the heroine become the third wheel to a sensitively depicted gay relationship.

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I'll Show You Mine: Laure

Wendy Higgins Goodreads Author. When I was a teen, NONE of the people I hung out with were "average," yet none of them were the same in their deviations from the norm. Aug 10, It's mainly for me As the main characters June, Enki and Gil start to question the political system they live in, they also begin to explore their own sexuality.

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  1. I tried man, and she was working that shit but those things were freaking me out.