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Check out my post on mobility in plate armor. I find this question fascinating. In certain historical battles, the tactics of mass archery made a huge difference. Lalitaraja, I would be very surprised to find that Russian yew was being imported into England during the Middle Ages. Look at some online military product websites like Opsgear. Plate armor was work of art, but what I saw that no one adopted full plate armor except western europe. Cost and availability of armor, skill of the archer, horses, mass archery.

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For example, a bullet proof vest is not effective against knives or other stabbing weapons.

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Can an arrow go through a bullet proof vest?

Now try fighting with a small jagged hole punched inward on your breastplate or your cuisse. This link leads to a forum where the entire show can be seen via a series of linked YouTube videos. The vest isn't waiting to disperse the stress upon effect to boot as though it have been struck by making use of a bullet. Draw weight, arrow type, arrowhead type material, shape. A medieval bow like the Welsh Longbow had a pull of 70 or 80 pounds. My friend and I were discussing military technology today. Military outdoorsman trying to settle down?

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