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When you were children to you adults did you have secrets that you didn't want your parents to know? Don't ever let society push you into raising your child against your better judgement! This paves the way for open discussion. I thought it was because I had snapchat downloaded on my phone for a day, which is only because my friend needed to use it since it wouldn't work on her phone. Even now, I don't trust her much at all.

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I am working on a fingerprint or voice thing that I can put on my phone.

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I am the adult, I pay for the cel phone and I will check it to ensure that their conduct is appropriate, no perverts are grooming and their "friends" are self governing themselves as well. I was well liked and had many friends, but after my parents searched my electronics, I lack basic confidence and communication skills to mantain many relationships. I realize it feels like the end of the world sometimes. It just is very sad how parents are so damn overprotective these days. Its pretty obvious she doesn't trust me on my stuff and I know she knows her parenting is bad so she doesn't trust me. I rose my voice at her, not because I was mad but scared, asking her why she told? Their "texting slang" is stuff people said in like

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