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As sounds play an important role in the excitement of lovemaking for most people, this can add a lot to your sexual arousal. Tell her to keep her knee bent and limp in your hand, so that you can push against it when thrusting so as not to hurt her. When you make rotary movements with your pelvis instead of thrusts, with only light contact between belly and bottom, the contact is more stimulating than when the thrusting movements are vigorous and your bodies make heavy contact. Owing to the alignment of some of your woman's internal organs - the angle of the vagina, the uterus and the rectum - as you move your penis backward and forward inside her, a little air flows in as you draw back and is forced out again as you push your penis forward. He can hold his body almost vertically, or bend over so far that he rests upon the almost horizontal back and shoulders of the woman.

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Let her do the work and sit back and enjoy the view!

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From Behind

It's also worth remembering that many experts are convinced that regular lovemaking maintains health, while lots of variations in your sex life - including a variety of exciting techniques and stimulation - can keep a long term committed relationship faithful, as well as intimate and emotionally connected. The Ben Dover sex position lives up to its name! While standing behind her, lift one of her legs onto a rocking chair, while you hold her other bent leg just below the knee. Ejaculate only when you decide to the time is right! Clearly, your woman will not be able to caress you anywhere, but rear entry lovemaking is unique in providing sexual stimulation naturally as you thrust. The Life Raft sex position is a fairly easy but exciting twist on Doggy Style, and is especially fun for the male partner. It's easy to do, but also super sexy.

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