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Grabbed by the hair and fucked from behind. He saw her and he wanted her. A few men come to the house, there's 4 of them and when one of them, a bald young chap with a very built body, starts slapping my sister, I change his attention to me so that he will stop hitting her. So they set us free and pointed us to go to the cinema. Just woke up from a similar dream. Even if the house is not our own, it can be built by our emotions.

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Where we ended up we got lost and a female security guard held us in an office for a while, then a man came to escort us to "safety".

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One of them - he had long black hair like a stereotypical Italian??? I tried everything from running, callingscreaming, writing messages, etc. He smiles and I can tell he's beginning to care for me and tells me it's red. Why do i know this place. I had one last night I woke up screaming n crying It was horrible and very terrifying the man was very angry but Yet was crying and was jumping up n down like If he was happy n I did escape but I came back to check If they were gone and there was one man hiding there peeling his skin Off from his face. The scenario changes are normal dream elements.

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girl being held down naked having sex

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