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Hum an sex an atom y, A topo graph ica l hand atl as. Subjects and methods The participants pairs of men and women were recruited by personal invitation and through a local scientific television programme. When sexual excitement without orgasm occurred, the volume returned to normal in minutes. Ut eru s axis com pare d to t he horizo ntal line: MRI phot ograp h of se cond se ssion, following p ene tratio n, showing pe nis. The tube in which the couple would have intercourse stood in a room next to a control room where the searchers were sitting behind the scanning console and screen. Pos teri or fo rnix .

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This p roj ect was ap prov ed.

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Magnetic resonance imaging of male and female genitals during coitus and female sexual arousal

Magne tic R es onanc e Ima ging of Se xu al Inte r cou rse. Magnetic resonance imaging to determine the distribution of a vaginal gel: Ed ition Mass on. C omp arat ive Table Ac cording to th e Posi tion. The axis o f the v agin a was ro ugh ly paralle l to the pub oco ccyg eal lin e and it.

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