Sakura and sasuke kissing and having sex

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She didn't have time because Sasuke pulled her in for a kiss. The sixth one was some girl with red hair and glasses, who looked like a slut due to her wearing only fishnets and a thong. The touch tickled Sakura as she giggled, but the sucking earned the moaning. He laid down next to her, his member still hard in her soaking core. He treated the nipple as a pacifier, if it escaped from his mouth, he would whine.

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Instead, he dipped his head lower, still not breaking eye contact, and started licking her left breast.

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Naruto and Sasuke fuck Sakura

He wore a black and blue polo shirt made from the top brand of cotton. Sakura smiled at the Uchiha while he first frowned hearing her call him Uchiha-san rather than Sasuke-kun but it was vanished when he saw her smile at him. He was examining the splintered wood curiously. They both lounged out beside eachother on the bed and Sasuke clicked on the TV. She started kissing and nibbling his neck, his skin was so soft and warm.

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sakura and sasuke kissing and having sex
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sakura and sasuke kissing and having sex
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