Chubby frog care sheet

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For this reason, examine frogs carefully before purchase to ensure they are in good condition. The Asian Bull Frog goes by many names in the pet trade: They have a round body and small head, their backs and sides are brown with a pale, cream or yellow brown belly. Baring this in mind when a new Asian Bull Frog is introduced into an environment where other Frogs or Amphibians may be living it is vital to quarantine the new comer, ideally in a separate room. You are currently logged in as. Given that they have been the most prevalent sources of these animals in the trade over the last couple of years, I will cover these temperature differences later in this article for you.

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It dried out the substrate or water and will only encourage the Frog to hide; also as they are nocturnal a strong light source could prove to be stress full.

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Captive Care of the Asian Bullfrog

They are adaptable, living both around human settlements such as courtyards and gardens as well as in agricultural areas and in forest and along forest edges. I personally have not found any advantage in providing ultraviolet lighting to chubby frogs and find a good dietary supplement to be adequate in maintaining levels of D3 and calcium. Growing to approximately 2 to 3 inches, the chubby frog is, as its name suggests, a rather rotund frog, stocky and robust in stature, with a short, rounded snout and short limbs suited better to crawling into crevices than jumping long distances. The rain system should be run, initially, for several hours early evening and early morning, increased after a couple of days to run all night and occasionally running for a hour stint. Round in shape and with a typical microhylid body structure, Asian painted frogs are attractively patterned with two cream colored lateral stripes that run down their dorsum. Asian Bull Frogs to not tolerate high or particularly cold temperatures. Provide a water bowl at all times.

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chubby frog care sheet
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chubby frog care sheet
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