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If a user sends you a rude IM, you can block them by clicking "Block" in the IM window and then give them bad feedback by clicking the sad face next to where it says "Give Bad Feedback". Does Camfrog work with Apple computers? Please report it to us so we can delete that account. Rooms People Store Downloads Upgrade. The maximum number of users in a pond is 3 for the free version and 8 for Pro. Depending on your settings, either a private or public pond will be created as a new room tab named after your nickname. How can I change my password?

My antivirus has alerted me of Trojans on Camfrog, what can I do?

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Opened ports are not needed, but disable the firewall because it can cause conflicts. Adjust audio settings To set your audio settings, choose the "Settings" option under the "Camfrog" menu in the main application window. Find the "Help" option under the "Camfrog" menu in the main application window and be sure "Check client version at logon" has a check by it. Sort users Camfrog Pro offers you several options to organize the users in the room list. It is not possible to do this. There is a freeware version of Camfrog and a pay version called Camfrog Pro. How can I ignore him?

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