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He weighed less than lb when he returned to the US. Gregory is featured along with the likes of Huey P. Famous birthdays for Nov. Meanwhile, proposals for a reality television show about the Jackson clan have been rejected by three major networks. Gregory first became a vegetarian in the s and lost a considerable amount of weight by going on extreme fasts, some lasting upwards of 50 days. Gregory was number 82 on Comedy Central 's list of the Greatest Stand-ups of all time and had his own star on the St. The FBIwhich had been criticized for inaction, eventually followed suit with its own reward, and the rewards worked.

His activism sometimes seemed at odds with his role as a pitchman for his Bahamian Diet drink and as a diet consultant.

Dick Gregory

Joseph Allain, the physician who has supervised the fast. In popular culture Martin Luther King Jr. In the early s, he was banned from Australia, where government officials feared he would " In the hopes of becoming a professional comedian, Gregory moved to Chicago, Illinoiswhere he became part of a new generation of black comedians that included Nipsey RussellBill Cosbyand Godfrey Cambridgeall of whom broke with the minstrel tradition that presented stereotypical black characters. He said chemicals in the water and the salt tablets were poisonous.

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