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I just wanted so badly for someone to see that I was hurting, but that was a little too much to expect from my peers, I suppose. If your story is in any way similar to mine, please know that you are never alone. The epidemiology of substance use among street children in resource-constrained settings: Loading comments… Trouble loading? I went along with it. When inquiring regarding celibacy one female participant responded: Meanwhile, I continue being dad's best friend and lover.

HIV infection and sexual partnerships and behaviour among adolescent girls in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Night It Happened

He demanded an answer and picked up a stick to hit me. The context in which our study was set shows particularly high rates of gender-related physical, sexual and emotional violence, which appears to be an accepted part of life for women. Privacy and confidentially was assured at all times. The minute he shut the door, his demeanor shifted considerably. After kissing for a few minutes, he guided me to the bottom of the staircase that led up to the bedrooms. Abstract Background Adolescents living in HIV endemic settings face unique sexual health risks, and in the context of abject poverty, orphanhood, social marginalization, and discrimination, adolescents may be particularly at-risk of horizontal HIV transmission. We conducted a total of 25 in-depth interviews and 5 FGDs consisting of participants each, stratified by the following age and sex groups:

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