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And how much do you love Stephanie Pratt? You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. I knew that guy would have more to offer other than just goofy facial hair and lines like, "That was a juicy lime! We'll find out how all this ends Sunday night at 8 p. Perhaps as these two continue on in their new avenues of life, the chapter will finally close on their feud. Unaware that they will run into Heidi and Spencer, Lauren and Audrina attend a birthday party for their friend Frankie Delgado the following day. The girls' friendship at that point was strained, but still intact.

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Nah, they probably own 'em.

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You Know What You Did

Hell to the no! Get Me Out of Here! As Lauren leaves for the bathroom after Heidi gives her a letter, Heidi tells Audrina that she is unsure of the reason for the tension between them. You have to have other people in your life. Were you shocked by the Spencer apology? While we at ET still feverishly discuss episodes of The Hills on a daily basis, we know that some of you out there might want a bit of a refresher on all the "You know what you did" drama -- so here's what you need to know:.

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the hills sex tape scandal
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the hills sex tape scandal
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