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Like if I go too hard, deep, really expose her or whatever. Your desire and energy will conquer her. I wanna do this all but i got a little situation and maybe you could help me? The tightening of your vagina is a plus for him, too! Honestly, I think that you should try out spooning or even good ole missionary. Explore Your Sex Life Sign up for our tease newsletter to receive free weekly tips!

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Most of them have already exceeded the typical taboos of early sexual experience and are fully willing to explore and enjoy every sensation.

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Sometimes I feel I should quit now. So try to focus more on both having a good time and enjoying yourselves as opposed to getting to the end. Any advice for them? Hi Annie, Great to hear! You can also try introducing sex toys into your sex life. This one is my personal favorite. Remember, the Bible also tells us Not To Judge.

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