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It was first discovered in Egypt and upon its initial discovery it was incredibly expensive due to its rarity. Their craftsmanship was found across territories including Turkey, Rome, ancient Persia, and Greece. Most of the Mesopotamian jewelry was made on thin sheets of metal, set with variously colored gems. The earliest traces of jewelry can be traced to the civilizations that bloomed in the Mediterranean and what is now called Iran around 3, to BC. Every ancient Egyptian owned jewelry, regardless of gender or class. Coloured glass can be found in Egyptian jewelry depicting birds.

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In India, jewelry has not only traditional and aesthetic value, but is also considered as a source of security in times of financial crisis.

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Early History of Jewelry: Ancient Times to the 17th Century

The masses could afford the copper, with the nobility opting for gold. Archeologists have flocked to Bahrain trying to discover how these people lived. Some African tribes today still wear enormous lip plugs and distort the mouth of its wearer. It is rare to find any woman in India who may not have ever loved to decorate herself with jewelry. Join IGS today for great benefits! Hunters believed that wearing trophies would bring them good luck for the next hunt. They were empowered by advances in technology, and access to gemstones and precious metals.

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fist jewelry found
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fist jewelry found
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